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Towel Laundry Service

Many businesses use towels. Everything from gyms to nail salons use towels and all of those towels get dirty. If you run a business then it might be hard to keep up with that never ending pile. The cost it takes to pay employees to wash them and the energy you use to run a washing machine can be a drain on your resources. Save time and money by using The Mat's towel service.

The Mat Laundromat takes great pride in our first rate towel laundry service. We only use premium name-brand products to get your towels fresh and clean for your clients. Each towel is washed, dried and folded before being wrapped in protective plastic for delivery. Your towels will be delivered to you clean and smelling fresh from the dryer, every time. We offer pickup and delivery in Cuyahoga County. If you’re interested in our towel service, contact The Mat Laundromat today!