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Medical Laundry Service


Cleanliness is important everywhere, but nowhere more so than in a medical facility, where cleanliness is necessary to promote sanitation and prevent the spread of contagion. From doctor's offices to dental clinics to hospitals, medical facilities produce a lot of dirty laundry. From scrubs and lab coats to countless sets of bed linens, blankets, towels and hospital gowns, there are loads upon loads of laundry that needs to be kept clean. If your medical facility needs help keeping up with all the laundry, The MAT can help: we offer healthcare laundry services.


The MAT offers FREE laundry pickup and delivery service for all your medical linen service needs. Call us today for a quote or to schedule a pickup—we'll even give you 20% off regular price on your first order. If you're interested in healthcare laundry services, you can find our contact form below