The MAT Laundromat is your one-stop solution for all Wash & Fold Laundry needs in Midtown, OH.

Welcome to The Mat Laundromat FREE DRY CENTER and Commercial Laundry – Your Midtown Oasis for Wash and Fold Laundry Services!

Life in Midtown, OH can be a whirlwind, and we get it. That's why The Mat Laundromat is here to elevate your laundry experience, making it not just a chore but a breeze. Our mission is simple: to offer convenience without compromise, and we've mastered it to an art form.

Nestled in the heart of Midtown, our laundromat is a hub of efficiency, catering to the bustling energy of the 10036 area. Midtown, a vibrant blend of community spirit and modern living, deserves a laundry service that understands its dynamic pace. Enter The Mat Laundromat – where your laundry concerns meet their match.

Midtown's heartbeat echoes through our services, evolving alongside the diverse needs of our customers. From the individual seeking a quick wash and fold solution to commercial enterprises in search of top-notch laundry care, The Mat Laundromat has become the trusted name in town.

Discover the freedom of a schedule unburdened by laundry chores with our convenient pickup and delivery service. We know your time is valuable, so let us take care of the dirty work while you focus on what truly matters.

At The Mat Laundromat, our dedication to quality sets us apart. Our wash and fold service is a testament to meticulous care, ensuring that your garments receive the royal treatment they deserve. But we don't just stop there – we've embraced technology to make your experience seamless. Our online scheduling system lets you plan your laundry services with the click of a button, whether you're an individual seeking a quick refresh or a business in need of bulk commercial laundry.

Email us at or call (216) 744-7179 to experience laundry services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. The Mat Laundromat – where Midtown's laundry meets luxury. Let us redefine the way you do laundry.

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