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​Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service Areas - Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, OH

The Mat Laundromat provides laundry delivery service near Cuyahoga County, OH and commercial laundry service near Cuyahoga County, OH. There are five cities that we provide laundry service pickup and delivery near Cuyahoga County, OH for, including Berea, Cleveland, Lakewood, Rocky River and Strongville.  


You may be a student at Baldwin Wallace College or workout at the training facility for the Cleveland Browns.  You might love going to the Bach Festival.  Whatever you choose to do, these activities are more enjoyable than doing laundry, so let us do your laundry for you.  The Mat Laundromat will pick up your residential and commercial laundry if you live or work in Berea.


If you live in Cleveland, you might choose to go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Museum or the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  You might choose to go to the Cleveland Botanical Garden or catch a Browns or Indians game.  Any of them will be better than doing laundry.  Let us pickup your laundry and you can spend you day with family and friends having fun!


If you live or work in Lakewood, we can pickup and do your laundry.  Instead of spending your day on this chore, you can go to Lakewood park or the Museum of Divine Statues.  We'll take care of your laundry, you spend the day enjoying yourself!

Rocky River

For those of you who live or work in Rocky River, let us pickup and wash and fold your laundry.  This free pickup service allows you the time to spend at the river!  Just schedule a pickup and we'll be there!


If you didn't have your laundry to do, you could visit Beebetown, a historic neighborhood, Gardenview Horticultural Park, or visit the Strongsville Water Tower.   Just schedule a pickup and we'll do your laundry and you can spend the day at play.

Pickup &
(By Request)
Per Pound

**$10 Minimum Order

Wash &
Fold Service
Per Pound

**$10 Minimum Order
**Comforters and sleeping bags of any size $10.  Down is an extra $5.

Pickup &
Per Pound

**$10 Minimum Order

Try our convenient pick up and delivery service today. Perfect for busy families and individuals.

No matter where in the area you live, our pickup laundry service near Cuyahoga County, OH will create more time for you to do the things you'd like to do.